Corporate Governance Policy

Targovax considers good corporate governance to be a prerequisite for value creation and trustworthiness and for access to capital. The company believes good corporate governance involves openness and trustful cooperation between all parties involved in the Group: the owners, the Board of Directors and executive management, employees, contract parties, public authorities and society in general.

The Board has appointed a Corporate Governance Committee to assist the board in fulfilling its responsibilities to implement sound corporate governance. The development of, and improvements in, the company’s corporate governance principles are an on-going and important process that the Board and the corporate governance committee intend to focus on.

The company’s corporate governance policy is based on the Code of Practice, issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NCGB), most recently revised 30 October 2014. A detailed statement on how Targovax complies with the Code of Practice and the Norwegian Accounting Act’s requirements for reporting on corporate governance will be presented in the Annual Report.