• Activating the patient’s immune system to fight cancer

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Our strategy

Targovax is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing immune activators for combination therapy in cancer. Targovax has a diversified immune activator portfolio and aims to become a leader in this area. The Company’s lead product, ONCOS-102, is an oncolytic adenovirus armed with an immune-stimulating transgene, which is currently being investigated in four ongoing clinical trials.

Mechanism of Action ONCOS-102

Targovax is developing a cancer immunotherapeutic technology with a targeted mechanism of action, making tumors visible to the immune system and educating the immune system to recognize and attack patient specific tumor cells. The technology is based on adenoviruses engineered to kill tumor cells primarily via activation of a systemic, patient-specific anti-tumor immune response. The lead clinical candidate is ONCOS-102.

TG Mutant RAS neoantigen vaccine – Available for partnering

Peptide-based neoantigencancer vaccines activate cancer specific T – cell immune-responses. Mutant RAS proteins are neoantigen and drivers for development of cancer. RAS mutations are exclusively found in cancer cells and are therefore cancer specific targets for attacking cancer immunologically.