Targovax is interested in discussing strategic collaborations of various kinds regarding its immuno-oncology development projects.

Its neo-antigen lead candidate, TG01, an immunotherapy targeting RAS positive cancers, is currently being evaluated in a Phase II clinical trial in pancreatic cancer.

TG02, Targovax’s follow on immunotherapy, is open for recruitment of patients in Australia and New Zealand.

Targovax’s neo-antigen immunotherapies are being investigated in RAS-mutated patients across various tumor types including pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer or malignant melanoma.

Targovax’s adenovirus-based lead candidate, ONCOS-102,  uses  oncolytic  viruses as  potential  multi-target,  neo-antigen  therapeutic cancer vaccines. ONCOS uses an adenovirus that has been engineered to be an immune activator that selectively targets cancer cells. In phase I trials it has demonstrated immune activation at lesional level which was associated with clinical benefit. In an ongoing phase I trial in advanced melanoma we expect  important proof of concept data for checkpoint inhibitor refractory patients.

At Targovax we believe that the future of cancer immunotherapy lies in combination treatments. We are therefore very keen to explore new combinations of our products under development, TG01, TG02, and ONCOS-102, with other treatments such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other experimental treatments.

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