Virus-based Cancer Immunotherapy

Targovax’s cancer immunotherapeutic technology has a targeted mechanism of action making tumors visible to the immune system and educating the immune system to recognize and attack patient specific tumor cells. The technology is based on adenoviruses engineered to kill tumor cells primarily via activation of a systemic, patient-targeted anti-tumor immune response. Its lead clinical agent in this area is ONCOS-102.

This immunotherapy technology is designed to enhance the body’s natural immune response by:

  • Strengthening response in known immunogenic tumors by enhancing already present T cell responses by providing powerful co-stimulation

  • Expanding immunotherapy to less immunogenic tumor types by educating the immune system to recognize and attack tumors in patients with little or no pre-existing functional anti-tumor immune activity

Why adenovirus? The ability of adenovirus to activate CD8+ T cells makes it an optimal choice for cancer immunotherapy, differentiating it from vaccinia and HSV-based platforms, which are less effective at priming CD8+ T cell responses.

More detail on Adenovirus as an optimal vector.

More detail on T cells in the human immune system, and adenovirus-based oncolytic immunotherapy.

Targovax has several viruses with different transgenes in its portfolio that have been assessed clinically in patient treatments. In addition, Targovax is developing new viruses with novel characteristics using different transgenes. The unique combination of this product development and manufacturing platform provides an efficient environment to take new products into clinical development in a short time and with limited costs.