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TG01 poster summary of trial data on resected pancreatic cancer

Targovax earlier this year presented clinical data from a successful phase I/II clinical trial evaluating TG01 in resected pancreatic cancer. Over the past months, posters with clinical data have been presented at two oncology conferences: the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Conference (June) and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) annual meeting (September).

The posters at the two conferences included various aspects of the encouraging data from the main cohort (n=19 patients), with the main survival data summarized below:

  • 1-year survival rate: 17 patients out of the 19 (89%)
  • 2-year survival rate: 13 patients out of the 19 (68%

A total of 19 patients were enrolled into the main cohort of the trial over time, with survival assessed from time of surgery. While the cohort is small, and there is no control arm, the survival rate compares favorably with the available published historical 2-year survival rates of between 30% and 53% for resected cancer patients treated with gemcitabine alone (standard of care).

Furthermore, after 2.5-years 9 of 18 patients assessed were alive, with the survival status for 1 of the 19 patients yet to be confirmed.

In addition, the ESMO posters reported that when the last enrolled patient had been in the study for 2.5 years, 6 out of the 19 patients were still alive (one additional patient yet to be confirmed). At this timepoint, these 6 patients had been in the study between 2.5 - 3.4 years.

ASCO poster

ESMO poster

Download: Targovax Publication Compendium (PDF)