Targovax – Therapeutic cancer vaccines

Targovax is an innovation driven specialist in immuno-oncology.

People with identical cancer diagnoses do not have identical diseases. Their cells vary in the way they look, function and are seen by the immune system – the body’s own defence against cancer. At Targovax, we are developing cancer specific therapies that activate each patient’s own immune system to fight against their disease.

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"Even in late stage cancer patients with low immunogenic tumor types, our virus-based immunotherapy can reinstate the immune system’s ability to recognise and attack cancer cells. In addition, studies with our peptide-based Immunotherapy have shown immune responses in difficult to treat RAS cancer patients."

Sari Pesonen & Tone Otterhaug, Clinical Research, Targovax

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Hear from Magnus Jäderberg, CMO of Targovax on PharmaTV why its immuno-oncology pipeline offers something both different and complementary to the most exciting recent advances in this field.

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